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Features of Yaruki Switch Career

Contributing to the growth of our clients' businesses through our recruitment expertise in the Education and English industry

Yaruki Switch Career is a recruitment and dispatch agency.

We serve as a bridge between our clients and an abundance of high-quality human resources in the Education and Childcare industry, cultivated via our business operations with Yaruki Switch Group.

In addition to the recruitment of teachers for English conversation schools, international schools, cram schools, and after-school programs in the Education industry, we also introduce high-quality and well-matched human resources for businesses in fields that require English skills such as hospitality, interpretation, customer service, and tourism.



Over 40 years of experience in the education industry

Yaruki Switch Group is a comprehensive education company with over 40 years of experience in operating private tutoring / cram schools, children's English conversation schools, and bilingual childcare facilities.
Utilizing this know-how, we can introduce and dispatch personnel from our organization to customers who require skills in education and English.
In particular, we have an abundance of human resources in the field of English and can introduce not only Japanese personnel with experience studying abroad, but also native English-speaking foreigners as well. In the Japanese education industry, native English speakers are rare. We can provide human resources with the necessary English and communication skills required by our clients.


Strength in matching with individuality

At Yaruki Switch Career, we specialize in recruiting people based on their individuality. Our organization has been contributing towards the dreams and lives of children by finding their unique "jewel" and providing our full support in drawing out their infinite potential.
Our eye for human potential that we have honed through this process is our greatest asset. When introducing or dispatching personnel, we assess job seekers' individuality and skills that they have cultivated from past experiences. We believe it is vital to accurately understand and match the wishes of job seekers with the needs of our clients.
When we introduce a job to our candidates, we make sure that they fully understand the nature of the role and the employer's philosophy; ensuring they are motivated to work and become an immediate asset to the company.


Recruitment agency that cares about people

At Yaruki Switch Group, we have always done our best to employ people who care for others.
For example, foreign nationals who are anxious or unsure about Japanese business culture and customs can rest assured that our all-English speaking staff offers comprehensive care and online support to eliminate any pre-employment concerns, provide visa acquisition assistance if necessary, and ensure the smooth completion of your hiring process with peace of mind.