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About Us

Establishment 2018/September
Representative Yoko Nakai, President and Representative Director
Capital stock 20 million yen
Business Activities ■Recruitment-related work within Yaruki Switch Group
■Dispatch business (License No. Ha 13-313765)
■Recruitment Agency (License No. Yu 13-Yu-310249)
Office 【Head Office】
Tokyo, Chuo, Hatchobori 2-24-2 Hatchobori Daiichi Seimei Bldg.

Business Activities

Yaruki Switch Group's ability to transform the future by turning 'changes in the times' into opportunities.

In this era of drastic change, the childcare and education environment is no exception. The environment surrounding children is changing dramatically, and a variety of new challenges have emerged. The educational services provided by the Yaruki Switch Group aims to address the challenges and issues facing society. In order to better the future of children, we "transform the future" with innovative services that are not bound by conventional notions of education. This never-ending challenge is the strategic "cornerstone" shared by all of the Group's businesses.

We are a strong recruitment firm in the education industry dedicated to making our children's futures brighter.

Yaruki Switch Career provides human resource support services focusing on English x Education (childcare). Our expertise comes from the know-how gained as a part of the comprehensive education group Yaruki Switch Group for over 40 years.
Our coordinators provide counseling to job seekers and take into consideration their aptitudes and requests. We also carefully respond to each client's requirements to ensure a high degree of matching.

Business Overview of Yaruki Switch Group

Yaruki Switch Career Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.