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For those who are looking for new opportunities


  • Foreign English Teachers
  • Foreign English Teachers

Introduction of our Coordinators

Our coordinators of various ages and nationalities provide counseling to each and every job seeker.


Keiko Tanaka

We value conversation to deepen your self-understanding and learn about your strengths.

James Deegan

James Deegan

As an English/Japanese bilingual, we provide employment support for people from various backgrounds.


Takako Oyama

We will support you in the mid- to long-term as a partner to help you realize your career potential.

Hiring Process(Recruitment)

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    Send Application

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    Phone calls or Email correspondence

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※The number of interviews and other aspects of the selection process vary slightly depending on the company to which you apply.
※The process after the interview differs slightly between placement and dispatch/introduction dispatch.

Opportunities at Yaruki Switch Career

We believe that the process of making people's "jewels" shine, turning on their "motivation switch," and nurturing their "self power" to think, decide, and act on their own will enrich their lives.
Our clients share our philosophy, and we provide our employees with an environment that allows for personal growth.

Customer Testimonials

At the Online Consultation, I was given a chance to think about "self power" again after a careful listening session. They listen carefully to your wishes and introduce you to the right jobs.

You will be introduced to jobs at Yaruki Switch Group's schools across Japan, so you can find a place close to where you want to work. The bilingual coordinator, who speaks both English and Japanese, gave me advice on interviewing and other follow-up services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any registration or usage fees?

All services from registration to employment are free of charge.

Can I register even if I can't start work right away?

Yes, please feel free to contact us even if you have not yet decided on a specific time to change jobs.
Our Career Coordinators will be happy to discuss your needs and help you find a job.

How long does it take from registration to employment?

If you can proceed with the application process immediately, you may be able to start working within a month, depending on the company to which you are referred to, or whether you have the eligible visa status.
We will discuss with you any requests you may have regarding the timing of your employment.

Do you offer visa sponsorship?

 We do offer sponsorship to successful candidates that meet the requirements of the Japanese Immigration Department.

Do I need a University degree to be eligible to apply?

Yes, we require a minimum of a 2-year associates degree if your visa status is one of the following:

・No Visa
・Instructor Visa
・Working Holiday Visa
・Dependent Visa

No, if your visa status is one of the following:

・A Japanese National
・Spouse or Child of a Japanese National
・Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services
・Permanent Resident
・Long-Term Resident