English Speaking Staff


Contract Employee

English Speaking Staff
English Speaking Staff
English Speaking Staff


・Have fun interacting with kids in an immersive English environment!
・No Japanese skills required
・Paid Initial Training provided
・No prior teaching experience necessary

Recommended for people who

Want to be a part of children's growth

This is a job where you can make a significant contribution to both children's English fluency and emotional development. If you are interested in English education and would like to work alongside children as they grow, this is the job for you.

Want to work in a Global Environment

The lessons are conducted entirely in English, meaning no Japanese is used. Children instead learn English naturally by being immersed in an encouraging English environment. This is the ideal place for those who would love to instill in students a love of learning English and want to work alongside both Japanese staff and other foreign nationals.

Enjoy working with others as part of a closeknit team.

We are looking for people who are team-oriented and open to new ideas, and are considerate and caring of others.

Job Description

You will be required to lead and support activities such as Arts & Crafts, Music & Dance, Social Studies, Outdoor programs of both large and small groups of students aged 3 to 12 in an After School environment.

【Features of Kids Duo】
Kids Duo focuses on creating a foundation of enthusiasm and self-confidence in speaking English via interactive games and activities, and provides a safe and secure afterschool English environment where children can acquire valuable English skills. While a set curriculum and lesson plans for main activities are provided, teachers are expected to grow and expand on these foundations with their own unique and original games and lesson ideas; allowing ample creative freedom to personalize your teaching approach and inject passion and enthusiasm into your class.

【Size of the Classroom】
Size varies depending on the assigned school, but the number of students is typically about 30-50 per day.

【Specific tasks】
■Preparation for lessons and events
■Follow the Kids Duo framework of lessons, while creatively developing your own personalized and unique approach in teaching
■Cleaning and organizing
■Plan and organize events: Halloween, Christmas, Seasonal (during Spring, Summer and Winter Vacations), Spelling Bees, Speech contests etc.
■Interaction with parents
■Promotional activities (handing out flyers, trial lessons, etc.)


English Speaking Staff
Employment Status
Contract Employee
Working at an After School Care Environment
Base Salary
250,000yen/month (before deduction)
School Name
Kids Duo Tonarie Fujimino
Corporate Name
Sayama Motor School Co., Ltd.
■Work-related commuting costs reimbursed up to 20,000yen/month
■10 paid days of leave after 6 months of employment, in addition to national holidays
■Social Security & Health Insurance
■Thorough paid Initial Training
■Paid Overtime
■Bonuses offered
■Salary increase opportunities based on performance of company and individual
■Visa sponsorship and renewal support

★We also take thorough measures against infectious diseases!★
UV sterilization equipment is installed in the school, masks and alcohol disinfectant are provided, and temperatures are regularly checked.
Working Days and Hours
■5 days a week (Monday-Friday)
■9 hours a day, including a 1 hour break
■Rotate between shifts which generally fall between the hours of 9:30am and 8:30pm
■Occasional weekend work for promotional activities and events.
Days off and Company Holidays
■Company holidays which fall predominantly on the three main holidays in Japan:
・Golden Week
・Obon Week
・End of Year/New Year
Non-Smoking Environment
Smoking is prohibited in the surrounding school area.

Regarding Job Application

Message from Recruiters

Our main priority throughout the hiring process is for recruiters and applicants to understand each other as much as possible. Our comfortable and relaxed interview atmosphere allows for plenty of time for discussion, so please be don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or would like more information on anything you don’t understand. For those that may be wondering, “Can I really become a teacher with no prior experience?” rest assured that even without experience, our support system is there to ensure your success. If you’re looking to take on new challenges, we can provide you the opportunity to flourish. We look forward to meeting you at the interview!

How to Apply
We accept applications via our online application form.
Hiring Process

STEP 1:Apply Online
STEP 2:Application Screening
STEP 3:1st Interview (via Online)
STEP 4:2nd Interview (Online or In-Person)
STEP 5:Job Offer!
STEP 6:Visa Acquisition/On-Boarding
STEP 7:Attend Initial Training/School Assignment

You can join us within a month of applying!
■Application Period: It can take as little as two weeks from application to job offer (depending on visa status and availability)

Please join our Online Company Info Session!
We hold online hiring webinars each month. If you are interested, please contact us!

  • Screening,Interview,Offer of Position,On-Boarding / Visa Support,Training/ Placement

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